Rendezvous | Allurre Wang 王子儒

by Allurre Wang | 王子儒 | aka KALEIDEZ

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New Single: "Rendezvous" by Allurre (Andrew Wang) | 王子儒


Girls what's going on.
Call tomorrow off
Just get it done
Meet me at lunch
Cuz I got something to tell you


This was unexpected but it is what it is//
Every time that we kick it I just wanna get it in//
Imma tell you how it is, please don't offense//
I think I'm ready to be, ready to be more than friends//

Now I'm sitting on the fence, but I just wanna dive in//
why wait for later, now's the perfect timing//
You the pink diamond, the focus of my iris//
If loving you's silence, I'mma stay quiet//
Ha, yea, you got me saying these things//
cheesy as hell even I can't believe this//
Got me booking flights to somewhere nice this weekend//
Shiet, I could do this all season//

So right now (right now) I just wanna make it clear//
We aint gotta front, you know we make a good pair//
Lets go speed it up, get ready to shift gears//
Anywhere is good, as long as you near//


Destination: Next to you
Feel so good when we rendezvous
Cuz nobody does me like you do
Can't wait til we rendezvous

It's so beautiful
When we ren dez vous
When we ren dez vous
when we ren dez vous


No lie, I wanna take this up a notch//
Let's go have a talk while sippin on the rocks//
Yea let's go have talki while sipping on the rocks
Uh Let's go have a talk while sipping in the rocks

Or we aint gotta talk girl lets get it on//
do it round the clock, til you cant even walk//
it aint just yo body, its everything you got//
Someone like you, where I can go wrong//

Love ya laugh, your pizazz, how you dont put on a mask//
And somehow you understand exactly who I am//
It's like you see through me like a CT scan
It's kinda scary sometime but I don't give a damn//


Yea I fucks with the cold, you my sneeze//
My work high pressure you my release//
I call you fine weather cuz you be my breeze//
And I can watch you eat sleep read and hit repeat//
You like my first record sold you mean a lotta me//
Always keep me grounded like the bottom of the pyramids//
Let's tour round the world, rack up some images//
And look back into them when we in our seventies//


released March 21, 2014



all rights reserved